Bouquet of Purples and Plums

This bouquet has a pretty good story behind it. I was on my way to Florida a few weeks ago with my husband for a quick vacation, and I woke up one morning to a message from a lady named Maria. She asked if we could send some samples of our work immediately to possibly be featured in magazine. So of course, we said yes! We wanted to give BRIDES magazine a couple options, and we created this bouquet in less that 12 hours and had it and 7 other bouquets overnight shipped to Times Square New York!

Our bouquet ended up not making it in the issue, but we were thrilled to even be considered. We learned so much from it, and we enjoyed the process from beginning to end!



This bouquet also reminded us of our good friend Sherene. She is a girl who loves some purple. So we named one of the new flowers after her, “The Sherene,” and we gave her the bouquet last week! “The Sherene” flower is the one with lots of petals formed around “The Camille” center. Sherene is unique, hardworking and beautiful. We are so thankful to have her as a friend.



One response to “Bouquet of Purples and Plums

  1. Beautiful, they must have been mad not to feature it!

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