The Faces Behind MFA

If you’re wondering who the faces are behind Muncle Fred Art, look no further.

(In order from left to right: Michaela, Meghan, Kayla, and Jessica)

If you did a double take because you thought you saw two, it’s true! Half of Muncle Fred Art is made up of a set of twins!

We all do different things, but one of the reasons we created MFA is so that we could do all the things we love together. Michaela is the queen of great ideas. She is also really great at making her doodles and ideas come to life. Meghan will always be the master pattern to us (She taught us to crochet!). She is also an amazing graphic designer that we are so thankful to have around. Jessica is our chief sewer and seamstress. She can really do it all. And I would like to think that I am the taskmaster of the group. I like keeping things organized!

Hope you enjoyed getting to know us each a little more. You should be hearing from the other girls soon!



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