Vanilla Hue and TR Photography

You might think that we aren’t a fan of fresh flowers, but we totally are. They serve a different purpose, and our flowers are for a certain kind of bride or person, a very unique person. We know not everyone is a fan, and we are okay with that!

These pictures are beautiful. The flowers, the models, the accessories, the location. I hope you are inspired like we are.

So lovely.

Here is a breakdown of all the vendors.

This is Vanilla Hue’s newest collection called “Arabesque.”The lovely vendors (please check them all out!):
Tiffany Broxton of Vanilla Hue –
Amberly Odom of Wrennwood Design –
Tinsinger House –
Juli Vaughn – Juli Vaughn Designs –
Mao Thao – Four Inch Fold –
Kate White – Honeymoon Bakery –
Carla Maner – “The Nest” –
Annette Chaviano Thurmon- Chaviano Bridal Couture –http://www.chavianocouture.comKatieWalker/
Katie Jean Designs –
Elisha Sewell- Bridal gowns –
Hollie Butler Lytle – Core Bridesmaid Couture – http://www.dressyourcore.comKris/ Prince –
Hairstyle – Sarah Lafalce – Hair Art –
Mallory Erin Edwards- Videographer

Hope you enjoyed these shots. For more you can see them at TR Photography’s Facebook Page.



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