The Christina Flower

The Christina flower was inspired by a peony flower. The different layers add depth, and the petals have quite a bit of texture unlike any of our other flowers. This flower is named after the Christinas in our lives. We are so blessed to have two of them! Christina Plouff and Chrstina Jones.

Plouffy is a lovely lady full of adventure. She’s passionate, beautiful, confident, and fun. She loves family, and she easily made us part of hers.

Christina Jones aka Steen is the definition of spunk. She is an amazing creative, a mom, a friend, and a wife, somebody we all trust and look up to. Among those things,  she is Owner of COLORS.

Both of these women are inspiring in different ways. We are blessed to know them and call both of them our closest friends.

Plouffy had the opportunity to model the Christina flower for us.

The Christina flower can be made into a hair flower, added into a bouquet, pinned as boutonniere, or even as a flower on your wedding day table.

Introducing the Dreamy Christina- A dream like take on the Christina flower – It can be used in bouquets or added onto tables.

The Dreamy Christina can also be paired with another new flower, the Cee flowers (soon to be introduced) to create a lovely oversized dreamy bouquet.

The Christina flower as a Boutonniere

Hope you enjoy these lovely photos and our new flower The Christina. Check back tomorrow for another new flower!

For more photos, head over to our Facebook Page!


The Girls of Muncle Fred Art

All Pictures taken by Chris Henderson Photography.

One response to “The Christina Flower

  1. elizabeth diamond

    Your business is growing beautifully! Being a friend of Gerry Beardsley (Grandma to a couple of you) – well, I was wondering if you’ve made her a special bouquet to brighten her room 😉 She is so PROUD of you girls – as she is, of all her FAMILY!
    ok, thanks for listening. keep up the good work!
    Elizabeth Diamond,. Florida

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