The Rachele

The Rachele flower is a unique take on a tulip. It’s  stands out in bouquets and creates a lovely look. Its tall Camille center really sets it apart from many of our other flowers.

The Rachele is named after the Racheles in our life. Again, there’s two!

Rachele Bruu is like family. She’s loving and encouraging, and she has been part of all our lives for quite some time. The Camille is named after her daughter, and the Jo is named after her brother, so it only seemed fitting to have a flower named after her.

Rachel Brantley is one amazing gal. She surprises you with her jokes and lights up a room. She’s an amazing photographer and lover of so many things like cute stamps, good blogs, and pretty flowers.

Both of these women are important to us, so we present the Rachele flower to you in honor of them!

The Rachele Flower – a beautiful addition to any bouquet or center piece –

The Rachele flower – on the right side – in the pretty orange –

For more photos, head over to our Facebook Page!


The Girls of Muncle Fred Art

All Pictures taken by Chris Henderson Photography.

One response to “The Rachele

  1. Aww… Naming your flowers after the people you know and love is so sweet and creative. It’s just like you girls. Keep up the good work. What you beautiful, crafty girls are doing is amazing and such fun to follow. Xo to you!
    Rachele’s mom
    Pattie Brim 🙂

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