The Jess

Introducing the Jess flower. This flower is made up of about eight petals surrounding a double Camille center.  It was inspired by a poppy. The petals are pinched and textured, but something about it is simple and life-like.

It’s named after the Jess’s in our life, Jessica Stewart and Jessica Hester Namynanik.

Jessica Stewart. She is Co-owner of COLORS. She is creative in so many ways. She’s a baker, a crocheter, an activists, and a friend. We are so thankful for her and her talents!

Jessica Hester Namynanik. She is Jessica and Michaela’s sister-in-law. She is super fun and very encouraging. She made it out to our first craft fair a couple years ago, and she’s been to just about every other event since then. We love her!

This flower can be added into a bouquet or used in table arrangements.

The Jess- added into a wildflower bouquet –

For more photos, head over to our Facebook Page!


The Girls of Muncle Fred Art

All Pictures taken by Chris Henderson Photography.

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