The Lauren and Lala

Introducing the Lauren and the Lala flowers. The Lauren is the bigger sister, and that makes the Lala the little sister. Both make wonderful hair flowers and add lovely contrast to bouquets.

Named after two of our greatest friends, Lauren Baker and Lara Morris.

LB is a longtime friend. She’s smart, beautiful, and full of surprises. She has a gift for languages, and yes, that is more than one language, including Spanish and Chinese. She’s pretty brilliant.

Lara is our classy friend. She is wise and has many talents, including but not limited to the following: singing, playing piano, listening, tasting and naming the flavors in just about anything. She has the most beautiful yawn you could imagine.

Both of these women are a part of our life, and we could not be more thankful for them!

A Lala flower used in a centerpiece.

Lara is pairing to Lala hair flowers together. These flowers can be added into a bouquet or made into a boutonniere as well.

This is a Lauren flower used in a centerpiece.

A Lauren Hair flower with leaves

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TOMORROW, we will be announcing a giveaway, so make sure you come back!


The Girls of Muncle Fred Art

All Pictures taken by Chris Henderson Photography.

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