follow your dreams…

by vaporqualquer

I know this is a little cheesy, but when this illustration popped up on the home screen of Etsy today, it made me truly happy. I realized that I am following my dreams. I have dreamed of running a business. I have dreamed of making things that people love. I have dreamed of peace in my life. The Lord has truly blessed me with those things and with work, with family, with my husband, and with friends.

When Jess, Michaela, Meg, and I started Muncle Fred Art we had big dreams. We still do have big dreams! We dream of having a studio space one day where we can all work together and of having a storefront that supports other artists. I’m so thankful for the dreams we have. They get me excited about ‘work’ all over again.

Who knows what the Lord has in store, but as I go back to school this week, I know that I am blessed. I am only following my dreams because of what the Lord has given me.



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