Hello! Muncle Fred Art specializes in custom wedding day bouquet packages! All of our bouquets are made from a high quality felt, and every flower and petal is hand cut and put together one by one. We love working with brides and contributing to the vision of each special day! We also enjoy creating custom flowers, bouquets, and hair flowers for any occasion (Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, etc).

Many people ask where the name comes from, so here it is: One day, before MFA existed, Jess, Michaela, Meghan, and me (Kayla) were sitting around chatting and crocheting, and Jessica had a story she had to tell us! She was really excited and was telling the story and came to a point where her words started to all become one and out came “munclefred.” We all stopped her and said, “WHAT did you just say?” and she said “My Uncle Fred.” So when the time came for us to come up with a name for our business, “Muncle Fred” came up several times. It had become a joke between us, and when someone mentioned that it should be our name, there was no denying it. There Muncle Fred Art was named.

Send an e-mail with any questions! MFA would love to work with you!

e-mail: munclefredart@gmail.com
blog: munclefredart.wordpress.com
instagram username: MuncleFredArt
video: http://www.youtube.com/MuncleFredArt


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