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Have you heard of COLORS? If not, let me share with you what COLORS does. COLORS is a small business located in the Atlanta area, but works with girls in Chang Rai, Thailand. How you ask? Well owners, Steen and Jessica, made a connection with Destiny Rescue, and work with this organization who rescues young girls and women out of sex trafficking. Steen and Jessica travelled to Thailand in January of 2011 and taught a group of girls to crochet. They picked it up in no time at all, and we able to bring scarves, purses, and hats back home to sell at their annual event Scarf Some Sweets! They we able to pay the girls for their work and place another order for more scarves and BFFs (button fabric flower for the hair). We fully support COLORS and their work. They are more than just a business. They are a ministry hoping to spread the love of Jesus around the world through their products!

Here are some of the lovely products COLORS sells. Some are seasonal and some are year round. Check out their SHOP for even more!

Don’t forget to check out their SHOP and website for more information and lovely products!



Purple and Teal Treasury

As an Etsy seller, I spend a good part of my day on the Etsy site answering e-mails, exploring shops, and checking out treasuries. A treasury is a grouping of items that create some kind of theme or story. Anyone with an Etsy account can create a treasury! This treasury really caught my eye. I was immediately drawn in. It is full of pretty things and lovely colors!

Link to see the full treasury: click
Curated by: Veselka Bulkan of Green Accordian



Spotted: Etsy Fashion!

Mother’s day is coming up, and we are excited to share with you all about our moms on mother’s day! Until then, we had some exciting news today. One of our items was featured on the home page of Etsy Fashion. We were thrilled and honored. Here’s a screenshot I took from earlier today!

Hope you’re having a super week!