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Color Inspiration by way of Muncle Fred – Felt Flowers

muncle fred orange flowers
muncle fred yellow flowers
muncle fred blue flowers
muncle fred purple flowers
muncle fred pink flowers
muncle fred white flowers


Some NEW bouquets!

Bonjour mes amis!

I thought I would share some pictures of bouquets that were recently finished for some lovely brides! Right now, we are in peak production time for our summer weddings, so there is a lot going on! We’ve finished up a couple projects are starting some new ones!

First up, is this oh-so hot pink Candace-Camille bouquet. I actually made this bouquet for fun, and it is in our shop, ready to ship!il_fullxfull.428654322_olgc

This bouquet was created for a lovely Australian bride! I love her color choices of purples with pops of icy blue! I cannot wait to see some pictures from her upcoming wedding!


This petite Candace bouquet was created for a lovely little flower girl. I’ve never made such a small and sweet bouquet. I smile just looking at it. haha


Next up is this lovely Wildflower Bouquet full of Little Heathers and Christinas. I love the pops of pink against the ivory and plum with the fern green Jos! This was one of my favorite bouquets to create!


The above bouquet is for a bride, and this next bouquet is for her bridesmaid! I love when the bridesmaids carry a Dreamy Christina. It so unique!il_fullxfull.428661375_4l9d

Speaking of Dreamy Christinas, Huffington Post picked this bouquet as their Etsy Handmade Item of the Week (last week)! We were so honored and excited to be featured on such a popular place with so many other amazing artists. Check out the post here: Etsy Weddings: Handmade Object Of The Week

Happy Friday!


P.S. Check out yesterday’s post about Love Gives Way (if you missed it)!

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