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Color Inspiration by way of Muncle Fred – Felt Flowers

muncle fred orange flowers
muncle fred yellow flowers
muncle fred blue flowers
muncle fred purple flowers
muncle fred pink flowers
muncle fred white flowers


Napa Valley Bouquets

My brother in law is getting married in Nappa Valley on Sunday! We will be leaving for San Francisco on Wednesday and spending a couple days in the city before we head to wine country! Serena, my soon to be sister in law, wanted bouquets to give her bridesmaids as gifts. She picked the colors, purples, burgundy, kelly green, with pops of yellow. The bouquets are made up of Jess flowers, Racheles, Camilles, Candaces, and Jakes.

We are so excited for Tom and Serena to get married! I’m also very excited about the week in California! Be sure to follow me and my husband if you like on Instagram for San Fran pictures (kaylastagnaro and josephstagnaro)!