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Color Inspiration by way of Muncle Fred – Felt Flowers

muncle fred orange flowers
muncle fred yellow flowers
muncle fred blue flowers
muncle fred purple flowers
muncle fred pink flowers
muncle fred white flowers


Muncle Fred Art and Love Gives Way


We are so excited to announce that we are part of the Love Gives Way vendor team! We are joining forces with an incredible group of artists to change the wedding industry, raise awareness of sex trafficking, and help bring healing and restoration through our profits. We are partnered with Wellspring Living, a NPO dedicated to the healing and restoration of young girls and women out of the sex industry. Unfortunately, this is happening, not just across the world, but in our own Atlanta neighborhood. MFA has a heart to lend a hand in ending this, so any bride and groom, who would like to partner with us can! Ten percent of the MFA package purchased will be donated in the name of the Bride and Groom! All the LGW vendors have different packages to fit with your wedding day. Be sure to check them out: lovegivesway.com

So brides and grooms,
LGW Wedding Vendors:

Cake Maker: www.annekathleencakes.com

Photographer: www.onenineimages.com

DJ: opdiggy.com


Videographer: www.stuartatkinsfilms.com

Make Up Artist: www.bethpilgreen.com

The Guest Box: www.theguestbox.com

Artist: www.thepaintedvows.com

Alternative Florist: www.munclefredart.com

For more info, head to Love Gives Way.


Flowers & Sparklers

I’ve been going back through some of the pictures our photographer, Chris, gave us, and I found this gem! I’m loving the green grass, the flowers, the sparklers, and Lucy’s tattoo.